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Thoughts on "Brexit"

by Martin Friel


We’ve joined Alice through the looking glass. The UK has just voted to leave the EU on the basis that it doesn’t like remote, unaccountable government and politicians telling them what to do, from afar.

That’s fair enough. Making that decision is what democracy is all about but let’s stop and think about how this result was delivered. There are those who will argue that this was the will of the people made manifest. That this was ‘decent people’ taking their country back again.

Which is interesting in itself because when someone demands their country back, the obvious question is, from whom are they demanding it back?

What is more interesting is that the very people who were arguing that remote government is a ‘bad thing’ (think Sturgeon and Salmond) are the very people who are arguing that an even more remote government (the EU) is a good thing.

And then we have the key elements of the Westminster establishment, who told us that it was better to be together, that independence for Scotland was a mistake, that it was better to be part of a greater whole (Johnson and Gove), have told us that we need to fight to regain our sovereignty. That we can make it on our own.

The result of both of these referendums is irrelevant. What is really apparent and which nobody seems to be that bothered about is that these politicians, of all hues and persuasions, have exposed themselves for what they really are. Self serving individuals who will do and say what is necessary to justify their own means.

When they say they believe in independence, they are lying. When they say they believe in sovereignty, they are lying. When they say that they are fighting for, speaking for and working for the common man and woman, they are lying.

They are always lying because they are politicians. And we give them the influence they think they deserve. We do that because we are used to being guided by the governing classes. We are used to looking up to a leader, a leader who will fix this ‘broken’ country of ours, a leader who will fix our dissatisfaction.

But of course that leader doesn't exist. That doesn’t mean won’t still look for them. That we won’t look for that person for guidance. That person who will keep us strong and valid and meaningful.

That person who we will vote in to fix the minutiae of our lives. That person who will salve our unidentifiable wounds. That person who will confirm our hope in ourselves.

And who can blame us for wanting that? It’s natural to want something better and god knows most of us hold a lifetime of shit in our hands. And what we have been given, not just today but for as long as I can remember, is a handful of shit.

Today people voted against that handful of shit. But they‘ve simply swapped one type of shit for another, They are still being manipulated, coerced and led down a dark path. They think, as we all do, that we are participating in a democracy.

That is an illusion. It is an illusion that is dangerous for us, for the state and for the future. Politicians have reached peak ‘fuck you’ and our people will notice it one day. Soon.

It will never be too late but sometimes, like today, it feels like it might just be.


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