Five poems
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By Clifford K. Watkins, Jr.


If Only To Smile

If only to smile
and laugh away hurtful
spurious words
uttered in her circus of lies
your face
your fragrance
even your eyes
I've grown to despise
love can't be erased
it never dies
but I have countless times
locked inside
yet out of my mind


a line


Humiliation As An Art

love wasn't lost
it was never attained
dancing madly in the acid rain
timorous glances
muttered words echo insane
poems of futility
I'll never be the same
sliding with reality
in fiery graffiti I paint your name
sighs of eternity
a mind swirling deranged
promises unheard
reflections that linger unchanged
laughing away the pain
but embarrassing truth is all that remains
she disregarded my words
and heart
I'm an imbecile
a fool masking humiliation as art


a line


The Ugly

an inhaler

the vapors of madness

assorted pills

razor blades

the word 'ugly' scabbed over


he never escaped sadness

nor transcended reality


he tried to forget

and avoided mirrors


he traced his faults

and grew inferior


he fell into a dream

an unrelenting fever

with useless swells

and non believers

atrophy of connected minds

existing idly

imprisoned by time


today he is gone



the insane realize

there's nothing to know

life's a pointless show

flickering on a screen in a vacant room

demise is always imminent

we're destined for doom






deceitful mother in well-lit tomb


try to prosper


it comes too soon


a line


What's In a Word

what is in a word

depends on the voice


standing on an oyster mound

this overzealous clown

pisses on the river's reflection

I can black out my eyes

but there's no protection

I'm a whirling dervish

an eerie stranger's voice

echoing beneath towering erections


it always begins again

futility is my only friend


if only tomorrow

if not for today

coffin is open

corpse on display

casting lives away

inhaling madness

go away!

I can only see anxiety-gray

laughing at the sun

there is ample fuel

to transcend or travel

I can only laugh

it's hard not to


a line


Cowardice Rules


fiends encircling fire

desperate liars bound by futility

drinking from a single jar

escaping reality

pretending to know everything

anything beyond their limited minds

laughing at danger

as cowardice rules

dancing like bird-people

waiting for a vision of truth

to assuage worried minds

witnessing the moon through new eyes

still no less blind

a line

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