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Review of "Elephant" by Natalie Rodriguez
by JA



Overall, I enjoyed this story very much.  It is well structured and for the most part moves with a good pace and certainly does not pull its punches.

The premise of the story – the elephant of the title, the unknown event that haunts the hero, Matt, is explored through alternating flashbacks and present events that seem to have a terrifying supernatural link, or have they?  The reader is kept in suspense over what is actually going on in Matt’s household and among his friends and their families.

That said, there are moments when I felt the constant moving from present to past and back again became an obstruction to the flow of the narrative and found myself wanting to skip over them to get back to what was happening in the here and now.

I also found the constant swearing a little tedious after a while - which may reflect more on my age and being British than anything else!  It certainly did not stop me reading to the end to find out what was happening.

I found the ending only partially satisfying as it left me with more questions than answers and I assume there is a sequel planned.  If there is I will certainly read it as I now feel concerned for Matt and his future – and that of his friends!



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