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Seeing Through A Child's Eyes
by Leonard J. Bourret (Copyright 2006)
One child's letter to Santa Claus: "Dear Santa, I
promise to be good next year. Please bring me
presents anyway."
On Santa's sleigh, the ultimate of a Christmas ride.
All dressed up in Fire Engine Red and Snow White,
With the scents of Evergreen and Peppermint,
Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus on your side.
Santa's still alive, Santa has not died.
Santa's flying close to you, not far from sight.
On Santa's sleigh, the ultimate of a Christmas ride.
Believers can see Santa flying, loving arms open wide.
Santa and the reindeers on a fun-filled, joyful flight.
Yes, Virginia, their is a Santa Claus on your side.
Ever hopeful, not giving up, believers in faith abide.
Remaining loyal and like a steadfast beacon light.
On Santa's sleigh, the ultimate of a Christmas ride.
Yes, Virginia, Santa Claus is bonafide.
Love is out there, day and night.
On Santa's sleigh, the ultimate of a Christmas ride.
Believers unwavering trust is not denied.
For Santa Claus has never lied.
Santa provides the ulimate in a Christmas ride.
But, please put out the fire in the chimney.
Because, Virginia, remember that no matter what,
Whether bad or good, Santa Claus is on your side.
Animation of Santa Claus with pants on fire jumping out of smoking chimney

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True Net Neutrality
by Len Bourret
(Copyright 2006)
Connected to each
Not above or below,
But on the same level.
Communicating with
Your brother, sister,
Father, and mother
In your home land,
And in another land,
Not with an internet
Provider's software
Making communication
Narrower, not wider.
True net neutrality,
To me, is access
Not locked into a
Greed for money,
And not adversely
Subject to AT&T,
Comcast, Verizon,
Abusive corporate
All for one, and
One for all.
Not a representative
Internet, but a direct
Keep the internet
With equal access
For the poor, the
Rich, and middle-
So each will have
A piece of cyber
Space to dream
Save the Net 
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Neutrality, one of the ingredients of reliability,
impartial, non-aligned, friendliness displayed,
by showing dignity and respect for all people,
giving careful and thoughtful consideration
for various perspectives, by not taking sides,
by striving to be flexible and open, to gain an
appreciation and understanding of the way
individuals and groups behave, feel, and think
about their situational environments.

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