America Expects. By Andy Bate


Everyone wanted a change in America,
And the change slowly, reluctantly came,
Will the great promise be fulfilled,
Or will it be more of the same.

The young pretender he got there,
So he will lead the parade,
The people demanded something new,
Said No to the medals and braid.

Expectations run so very high,
America must lead the way,
The cherished dream must be realised,
There has to be another way.

The building of bridges and friendships,
Hope must now become real,
The world with America holds its breath,
For this long awaited new deal.

Everyone wanted a change in America,
Is this at last a man amongst men,
Such anticipation and such expectation,
Let us hope history does not condem.


Andy 20/11/2008

* * * * *

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