The Pig by Andy Bate.



A pig is what I am,
Well fed and fattened,
To be choice Pork and Ham.

Big hairy ears that flop about,
A tail short and curly,
A Ring through my snout.

Rolling around amidst the mire,
Forever grunting and snorting,
My position is so very dire.

The farmer is still feeding me well,
A big trough in my sty,
Food, such a sweet smell.

My shape is now nicely round,
My belly so big,
It scrapes on the ground.

So big now I can hardly walk,
Farmer he smiles a lot,
Soon he will turn me into pork.

Farmer does a market day deal,
I am to be sent away,
No reprieve no matter how I squeal.

So farmer has now sealed my fate,
So spare a thought for me, the pig,
As you serve me up on your Sunday plate.


Andy 27/1/2009


* * * * *

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