New Poems
by Ali Znaidi


Off-line Lines


Last night my words sank,, sank,, deeply into

the well of the oblivion, & flung,, flung,, my fetish

of new ideas away.

Stuck,, stuck,, I couldn’t find the path.

My mind was a flaneur: I couldn’t find the idea

I’ve been searching since the afternoon.

I went to the sink,, & washed that glass where

flies sank,, sank,, sank,, in its abyss.

But the celestial idea remained remote.

I moved like a flaneur,, & opened the door,,

eavesdropping on the birds,, while all lines

went off-line.



a short black line


Mystic Landscape


Bush within a bush.—

Embrace suggestion.

Like misty shadows


trees grow upward.

Leaves stretch in

every directions.

No striptease.


Veiled muse.



The poet was there


trying to tease out


the mystic secrets


of the landscape.



a short black line




this rainbow

is associated w/ a dream

it is stricken w/


a surfeit of DREAM


this rainbow emerges onto a hill


in the steady quasi mist


derisible hallucinations become desirable




funky reality protrudes


bolts of punk lights emerge


i’m still experimenting w/ words


i’m still searching for new words—


seeds of newer dreams



a short black line


a window scene


a window

without a sill


w/ snowflakes


I know I CAN write

a poem about it


the problem

the ventilation ducts

are frozen


I wish the snow

would thaw away



a short black line


a collage


shall i draw a meridian sun?

or shall i draw a full moon?


a sun like a delicious red cookie

a moon like golden gravel


shall i perish into the redness?

or shall i perish into the yellowness?


Or shall I concoct a theory of collage?



a short black line


(Spiritual) Cocktails


Those old abstractions. Heavy.

I hold to the surplus rain.

Too much (re)invention.

The weight of the burden was alleviated.

Moments of crystal dreams:

A tasty cocktail (not monochromic at all).

Hounds of augury stopped barking.

I found good tidings in the sap of an orange cocktail.

I only heard a cocktail of morning birdsongs.



a black line


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