New poems by Christopher Barnes



Mega-Mart Rebellion


The automatons have broken traits.

A shelf-crammer clicked out light.

Discrepancies don’t shift.


Impersonal manikins tackle the force of argument

Ineffectually becoming a movement. Earless

The Bully’s entrenched behind contrivances.


Tonight I’ll elect to dream – heart-sinking hero

In nauseous unprofitableness behind racks.



 a black line


Lit From The Bottom


Spite is wrangled.

Immortal is your stress, harpingly distinct.

No wind-up’s in vista. Smalt,

Incandescence of landlocked pool

Reveals air’s secrets. A Gunshot. Dandelions

Dumb-show vehemently

Over ruins.



 a black line


Contemplating Suicide Bridge


A churlish, unavoidably sorry-sight,

Parody of me,

Shaved before noon. The blunt cloudburst

Prophesised was pettifogging.

A few weeding tingles bristle

Roughened at arms-length. A skirmishanked

Corrugation of the applicability

Implicating hand, skill.



 a black line


Offshore Monkey Tricks


Tom, Dick nor Harry’s the missing link,

Dead reckoned, at cross purposes. (Tip-top shares shaft.)

Picaroons muscle-grip.


Grudge – no man-o-luck’ll scan you

For faith-pinning by his false witness.

Anticipated untruths clot in your head,

A problem of sober provocation.

‘We’ll lip-homage our liabilities

And salt-wit say – you’re speaking now.’



 a black line


Riverside Walk


Contours tumble, shifting – a blain in hordes.

Peep away. No idiosyncrasy flares here.

Prowling mist smear is slip-slop;

Corner reminiscence – a plain-dealing smile.

The humdrum malevolence?

We too are curbed.



 a black line


House Arrest Of The Opposition Leader


The bullet-pocked wall. Gales jingling strains.

Firm standing, repudiation –

Viciousness backing dearths. Scupperings.

What did you bargain for?

I’m in a fixed foreboding of undertakers,

Well, so it peeves.



a black line

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