A Poem for Eva. By Clifford K. Watkins, Jr.

Hello Eva,

After reading your blog, I had a moment of inspiration and wrote this. A lot of people perceive my writing as being senseless ramble, but if you weigh the words, there's definitely connective tissue and deeper meaning. My poems are ambiguous in nature allowing the reader to draw their own conclusions and relate the poems to themselves. Art is about free expression for the artist, but good art also allows the observer the chance to interpret a work through their eyes, thus finding their own meaning in relation to their lives. No two people perceive the world in the same way. There's always something to be learned from every person. I wonder what I will learn from you?

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog. You're very straightforward in your writing, which is beautiful in its honesty and simplicity. The way you express yourself without being pretentious is very pure. I imagine that it would be quite something to know you. Well, drop me a line sometime if you'd care to chat.

Peace and gesundheit
(RoTuN)Clifford K. Watkins, Jr.

a line

A Poem for Eva

she seeks solace
she is vulnerable in words
assuaging her emptiness
satiating her hunger
then she takes another mask
she lives in shadows
deals in facades
unearthed stones
how long will it last
desperately blue
so alone
to start anew
a mirror shatters
fragments of you
echoes of laughter
wanting fusion
for some it comes faster
and others
and fear is their master
I'm that disconnected bastard
existing only in a solon's eye
a glimmer of hope
a sedentary-sigh
a spurious jewel
a broken crayon dream

the essence of woman
exhibiting her colors
wonderful complexity
volatile in nature
mercurial in truth

momentary liberation
fleeting wholeness
she walks thru shards
of a broken mirror
everyone is there
all of their faces
she is absent
an apparition
longing to transcend
to feel anything
to be real again
alone in the world
without her one true friend
listlessly she ventures
combing the air
wearing a cartoon smile
does anyone notice
would anyone care

laughing through the pain
enough to stay semi-sane
seeking rebirth
searching for her shard
contemplating her worth
embracing herself into unconsciousness
tears in darkness
dim-sanctity of dreams
lonely sanctuary
insanity streams
a world on a whim
awakened to dawn's futility
waiting for life to begin
the end


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