New poems by G David Schwartz and Jennifer Weihe


Teach Me (How To Cry)


Teach me how to cry
Then teach me how to shout
The laugher stays inside
And does not want to get out
Teach me how to feel again
Show me what love is all about
Show me the joy that is to be had
Let my feelings out
Take me for a walk
Let me stand with you
Teach me what to say
And what do you wish me to do


* * * *


I’ve Been Thinking About Wednesday


I’ve been thinking about Wednesday
And what I want to do
I keep thinking about Wednesday
To try to stop thinking about you


* * * *


Put Your Arms Outside My Legs


Put your arms outside my legs
And let us get some sleep
Hold your face up on my arms
And let’s think of sheep

* * * * *

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