3 Poems By G David Schwartz

My Poor Little Hairs

My poor little hairs all turn gray;
Then they want to slip away.
My white hair just starts looking
Not really bad but then it goes hooking
My poor balding skull
Ain't got not hair no more
And I have noting to say
Except "damn ya then just go way"

I Am So Preoccupied

I am so preoccupied with nothing real to do
That I just sit on the low down step
And think my thoughts about you
I am so truly morgafied
And I don’t what it means
Cept I got to stay away from pork and beans
Of course I do that anyway
I keep a kosher house
And I sometime do but don't eat beans when I am out
So of course I don't eat pork
And never will because it does hurt
My kosher way of life
And it really irritates my wife

She Is Just A Hillbilly

She is just a hillbilly
A billy from the hills
And her eyes are so beautiful
They give me the chills to the blue
She is nothing but a corn stalker
But she is a good lover true
And she can do most anything
Better than ever you
So let me look into her eyes
And let the cities fall
I just want to be with my precious
Honey baby doll.


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