by G David Schwartz



There Once Was A Vegetarian Butcher


There once was a vegetarian butcher

and all the other butchers loved her

and each time she left the room

she would close the door



a black line


She Is Just So Gorgeous 


She is just so gorgeous

It has nothing to do with her bust

Not her eyes nor her chin

It’s all her hair is where it begins

She has it not dyed at all

Always sopping, summer winter and fall

Stone cold white

And beautiful as a song

I am so glad I knew her

If only for a short while

She did never dye her locks

And I bet she does not eat frogs



a black line


Loki -- the Pitt Bull


He is an ugly dog

But I do love him so

And I would cry and cry

If he'd ever go



a black line


 Looking Out The Window


Looking out the window

I cannot see where you go

You didn't tell me  so I do not know

Anything out the window


a black line

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