Little Poems
by G David Schwartz



I Threw An Onion In The Air


I threw an onion in the air

It landed on, I know not where

But it was not my salad so I did stare

Hoping it would turn up here



a black line


I Knew A Girl Named Barely


I knew a girl named Barley

She was fairly gnarly

But wonderful at the party



a black line


I Didn't Know Jackie Robinson


I didn't know Jackie Robinson

When I was born he was done

But my grand father knew the man

My grand father knew everyone



a black line


I Do Love The Onion


I do love the onion

I love its many layers

It reminds me of

My home team football players



a black line


There’s A Pill You Can Take


There’s a pill you can take

It helps make you poo

Then you are able

To go to the zoo.


a black line

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