HR Creel



All Human


when they hang us
like stars or moons
beat us like livestock
lead us around by our necks
lay us down like an enemy’s
babies for a long sleep


when they do such things
we must say
we are all human
see my eye and your eye


the same.



a black line




This life has worn
us, but we are the course
material that stays longer,
we last, we endure,
in spite of what others
may wish.



a black line




I stopped the flow
of my heart today,
allowed my emotions
to well inside, until
a familiar sound like
the chirp of a bird
made me burst through.



a black line


Clock Cleaner


An old man
has crafted the universe,
has crafted me,
his imperfect vessel,
he who attends to all
the moving pieces, dusting
each spinning wheel.



a black line


Shadow Shade Afternoon of Raging


My mind is a tomb
of endless wandering ghosts.
A girl on the bus whose look
lingered too long. A crazed set
if eyes in the newspaper.
Gillian Flynn having a coffee
with Raymond Chandler.
Magazine photos helping me
find patience in waiting rooms.
Trips I would like to take.
Questions like Who am I living
for. Jesus salesmen handing me
brochures about paradise.
An endless afternoon parade
of clowns, Tigers, and elephants
raging in my small brain pan.


a black line

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