'Jaups' in 'Luggies' by Len Bourret

Dedicated to Robert Burns.

A dull sound or sudden thud,
A drop of water or falling rain,
A splash of mud,
A spot or stain,
A dull sound or sudden thud,
'Jaups' in 'Luggies', not just in
Scottish traditional dishes,
A whisky toast,
The best of wishes,
A haggis roast,
Appreciation, words of thanks,
All-the-world's lads and lassies,
A reciting of Burns' poetry,
The singing of Burns' songs,
Compositions of grand design,
Immortal memory not forgotten,
The new in tribute to yesteryear,
Auld lang syne.
Are we worthy of God's grace?
Are we honest, of good character?
Have a smiling, cheerful face?
A toast not just to women and
their pleasing curves, but to men
and womens' good fortune, and
to their health and happiness.
Today, tomorrow, and always.
A toast to prosperity.
In good, bad, and better days.
Kind deeds to show we care.
Dish them out abundantly,
All men and women of the world.
Make such deeds our bill of fare.

* * * * *

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