games & short words + As simple as possible
by J.B. Pick




Mrs Pheasant fades among the grasses,

Mr Pheasant blazes forth;

Something invisible also passes,

Moving at the same time south and north.

Mr Pheasant struts and poses,

Mrs Pheasant gently leads;

On evening colours and soft breezes

Something secret also feeds.



a black line


Spell against sorrow


Sorrow is a cloud that passes

Bearing the heart with it.

Be on your way, cloud,

Leaving the heart behind,

Fresh as a new-laid egg.



a black line




Life is a stain on rocks.

Reality does not require our approval.

Sometimes in the night a whisper reaches me:

"Watch and you'll see the rocks themselves rejoice."



a black line


Ambiguous moon


An orange moon behind the trees

Glows with ambiguities.

The round question is its own answer

As a dance is to the dancer.



a black line


Sober miracles


Entering unnoticed

Sober miracles

Perform themselves

On all that vanishes

In time's disguise.



a black line

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