Excerpts from Evening Light
by J.B. Pick





Heavy on the bare tree

The blackbird sits in silence,

Thinking in winter

Thoughts he cannot sing.



a black line




Blood's embarrassing, a secret,

Thick, heavy, vigorously alive.

Mind doesn't want to know

That it depends on this dark flow.



a black line




'Freedom!' he cried, as he shot the children dead.

The watching animal scratched a hungry head.

'Has he no food?' the puzzled tiger said.



a black line


Old People's Home


The Home is not home.

Each one sits alone,

From other silences

Expecting nothing.

Once, when time was alive,

Hope came in to dance,

Found sleep her only friend.

Beyond the window,

In perfect ignorance,

Snowdrops flourish.



a black line




Shadows on the wall

More beautiful

Than the wooden angels

They reflect.

That's the way with symbols;

They make their own country,

More real than ours.


a black line

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