Winter Poems
by J.B. Pick


Frosty Day

From "This"


A fleet of bubbles

Sails on black water

Past crystal islands


White field glitter

Like sharp ragtime


My long shadow

Falls out of place



a black line


Winter 1

From "Evening Light"


Heavy on the bare tree

The blackbird sits in silence,

Thinking in winter

Thoughts he cannot sing.



a black line


Scene in January

From "Well?"


Bearded willows crawl on sodden ground;

The brook keeps shreds of mist it found;

A black cow horns its protest by the wall;

There's nothing gay about this scene at all,

And yet the heart starts up and does a bound

As if it knew there never was a Fall.



a black line


Listening to Carols - Christmas 2003

From "Otherwise"


"My blessings on the mother," said the first wise man,

"For I see that good is hidden."


"My blessings on the babe," said the second wise man,

"For he knows nothing."


"My blessings on you both," said the third wise man,

"For you will know too much."


"Grant me wisdom," Mary said, "for the babe is a stranger,

And love is terrible."



a black line


Winter Morning

From "Being Here"


Walking under the trees

Seeking the crystal of the air

We find cold silence

Of all garments clear.

Day is a diamond ghost;

Sharp on the branches

Sunlight a golden frost

And winter dances.



a black line


Winter 2

From "Now"


Two brown leaves cling

To the bare tree

Like dead bats

In a roofless church.


a black line

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