New poems by JD DeHart.



The Fine Print


Of course, most of us did not notice

the exemption in tiny print, nor did we see

the set of instructions in even smaller type

listed below,

so when the time came to bring gavel down

what could courts do but bend

to the tiny words of short-sighted mortals

and what could we do but bow

to their thinly-lit verbs?


a short black line


The Goatee Invasion


See now the trimmed goatees

freshly groomed

and lining up the march in

with all self-published vanity,

their too-tiny cups of espresso

being stirred by the wind

of their self-impressed voices,

their small round glasses

glinting with the façade of learning.



a short black line


The American Species


See him now, species of two hundred years,

leaning over his car next to the bustling


(detect how he smells like cheese).

His phone is his grail, so that when he

is uncertain of what to do, he pulls it out,

slides his finger like a modern wizard,

and pretends to be interested.

a black line

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