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by JD DeHart





This day, my strength

my now bright vision and hope

To pour an ether on it

and let it slumber, I wish

to keep it just for a while.



a short black line


Honey Comb


The swarm can be heard

from a great distance, working

busily for sweetness,

not at all like our work.



a short black line


To the Bones


From inside the arm

to the hollow the leg

and the eternal grin beneath

my temporary one, a rigid

structure beneath vacillation.



a short black line


Hungry Mouth


They have stretched yawning

mouths and stretched gorging

hearts and their words are

fishhooks to attract our souls

with a subtle inward sting.



a short black line


The Way of Death


Imagine: The highway stretched

forward with dark crows cawing,

a fire burning always,

and how many groping along that

path when a calm one sits near.



a short black line




A thin stream of promise

delivering today’s sermon

and heat, the bottom one

loping down like a pelican

beak and catching all truth.



a short black line




Look at his loud and glaring

way, how he dishonors and grins

and how he pushes his arms

around unwilling passersby.



a short black line


The Wink


Unspoken message sent

beneath the membrane of words

with a constant blinking eye.



a short black line


The Cast


They gather, reading through

their lines, not knowing who

wrote the script, but playing

their parts with vigor.



a short black line


Taking It In


I am sometimes the macrophage

ready to swallow the earth

and all its contents until

a spot of reason burns in

and stops my chewing jaw.



a black line

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