by John D Robinson



Smoking Heaven


‘Do you think you can

smoke grass in Heaven?’

he asked seriously

and he repeated

himself endlessly

and one time he

asked me and I

told him:

‘Fucking sure,

you’ve heard the

story of the

weeding of the


he nodded his

head furiously,

‘Yes, Yes!’

he said

and he never

asked that

question again.




a black line



In The First Place


‘Where are you going?’

his mother asked:

‘I’m going into town

to get drunk with a few

friends’ he answered:

‘Tell me, where are you

going’ she asked again:

‘I just told you ma, I’m

going into town to get

drunk with a few friends’

he said:

‘I’m going to ask you

one more time, or else

 I’ll get your father’

his mother demanded:

‘Okay ma, I’m going to

sniff some glue and get

high in the park’ he said:

‘Well, why didn’t you

tell me that in the first

place!’ she said before

closing the door,





a black line



You Know The Feeling


You know the feeling,

when the pen moves

leaving a poem in its


when the brush is in

the driving seat and

your hand follows its


when the singular

note rolls into a


you know the feeling

when the smile of

your lover stretches

back centuries,

when the sounds of


create other


when the last clock

melts into oblivion,

you know the feeling

of the fire,

the soil

wrapping bones in

celebration of what

once was,

that feeling

of returning home,

you’ve known that


time and again.




a black line





Let the world know

you’re winning,

even just for that


let the world know

you’re at the wheel,

let the world know

she rests in your

hands even for a

splinter of shattered


let the world know

you were the world

and it was perfect

just like the

morning smile of

a child or the even-

songs staring like

mesmerised cobbled

lanes of tranquillity,

let the world know

you’re winning

just with a blink of

an eye,

that’s enough

to let the world know,

you’re winning.




a black line



Outlaws Of The Bird World


Legends have it that Magpies

did not weep and mourn at the

crucifixion of Jesus Christ as

all the other birds did and they

refused to enter Noah’s Ark

and took to the roof and swore

and cursed the entire journey

to safety:

poets with wings,

these birds of defiance,

my brothers and sisters,

I hear your outlaw jail-bird

chorus and I write them down.



a black line


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