Five Poems. By John Kaniecki


Thoughts on God


I am glad you are warm

Hear life sing

Sometimes September storms



Must I conform?

Every sunrise unique

Every beauty a freak

I will not laugh

Nor snicker obscene

You’re the summation

Of more than I can dream



a short black line


A Cautious Woman


If I could but share

A warm sunbeam of care

To hold and caress

To nurture and to bless

To shield you from cold snow

To show you where to go

Your suspicious eyes

Would fade to light

And everything

Would work out right



a short black line


Little Drummer Boy


Billy plays drums

Bang boom, boom

Jesus overcomes

See Love consume



Head ache

Heart break

Hush, hush, hush

Use the brush



a short black line




When the extent of all is nil

Broken down describes my will

As darkness blinds the light

And there is no strength to fight

I laugh and mock the thought

It is a battle so long fought

For surrender is the only loss

And victory embraces the cross

Sing mama sing us the blues

I lay life and death, which to choose

A billion suns radiating in glory

Or the selfishness of a thieving story



a short black line





Define it as you will

A moment to listen

To be

Eternally still



Do not conform

Open your eyes

Without fear

And to follow

A heart full and mind hollow

To appear

a black line

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