Poems by KJ Hannah Greenberg



Seltzer and Other Social Signifiers


Urbane bubbles, all translucent giddiness packed for kiddies.

Adults prefer, we’re told, sparkling wine, fermented twice,

Nicely wrapped in ribboned bottles, pricey, that wet kings’ sip, so

Unlike the Borscht Belt gas, comically-rated for Hebraic families.



a short black line


Flames and Fires


Flames and fires, continents’ worth of destructive

Rhetoric, resulting in pillaging, rape, genocide.

So many leaders’ skin combed off while Shema

Evoked heavenly escort, angels’ tears, Shamayim.


Our nation state, today, too, keeps on as a place of silly death;

Coffeehouse bombings, highway murders, also knifings,

Tractors running riot on urban streets, great numbers of crazies

Shooting up yeshivot, raiding our yeshuvim, carjacking to kill.


All the while, Torah carries on as our inferno, as the white/black blaze

That demands oxygen, fuel, goodness, impoverishes enemies’ energy,

Prevents further noxious combustions, controls dire situations, squelches

Ruinous reactions, meets violence with violence, necessarily saves lives.


L’ag BaOmer is a heroes’ time, at least as much as any Yom HaShoah,

Yom Zicharon, or Yom Yerushalym. Maybe, this day’s more important;

It recalls our unearthly marriage to Him, Who writes with conflagrations,

Brimstone, earthquakes, plagues, storms, other esoteric words of passion.



a short black line


My Mister (Didactic)


When you rise,

Greet horizons with your eyes.

Should it rain,

Green weather washes pain.

We watch the same sun, or feel watery kisses

Over leagues we remorse, similarly we miss.


When you wash,

Laugh your bubbles toward my place

When you comb,

Smile the curls around your face.

We both sheath, obscure with cloth,

Press against knit, cover loss.


Seasons cycle, spin.

Spring calls charm your way

Fancies firm manly whims.

Remember me this day


When you dine,

Drink your fill, ale binds,

When you play,

Be fair, be good, pray.

Stay stout of heart

Ask health, ask joy, pray smart.


A span’s infusion,

A week’s careful keep,

A time’s resolution,

Dream-woven sleep.


Daisy thoughts,

Torchlit greetings,

Stars conspire

Toward kingdoms meeting.


I love you!

Sentiments’ parameters,

Bind, do tie my tongue

‘til nothing matters

Still, peonies grow, showing

Up this distant springtime.


a black line

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