New poems
by Kaitlyn Park




Milk Glass


Nan left the milk glass

on the table, emptied,

the dusty table I looked

at all my life, polished

clean, now full of grime


I wanted to help her, God

knows I did, but I only had

my two hands and a life

full of youthful nothing, all

energy spinning a circle and

going nowhere


When we loaded up her things

I thought about how unfair it was

that I had no healing power, that

I could barely offer her words

in those final days.



a black line




I don't understand it, but I know

I should


Last night, I dreamed that they

wanted me, that powerful hands

reached for me and wanted to drag

me back into a cage


How I ran for the door my mind

created, how I hopped in the car,

checking over my shoulder, and

that's still just a shadow of the real

horror that was, not that long ago.




a black line


Lost Road


The GPS is not working

because we are too far removed

from the rest of the world,

and the baby is crying


We don't even have a baby, I'm

talking about myself, I guess,

because I remember the sound

of my whine and now pity you


We drove bass-ackwards all over

and never found or destination,

finally seeing the welcome sight

of a few dotting lights, and I never

rejoiced at the sight of a Denny's

so much in all my life.




a black line


Good Morning Baby


I hear the bed creaking, which

tells me you're awake, even when

you aren't here


I go sniffing for you in the middle

of the night, reaching and not finding

but occasionally you are there


That's a welcome moment in my life

and I don't want to miss those times,

want to collect them and pile them up


Comforts in a far corner of the room

for the huddle up in.




a black line




I know, I know, on the outside

I look like a ballerina. 

The doctor tells me I'm too small.


I should gain some weight, but

the pounds of ice cream don't seem

to help.  I'm sure it will catch up.


In spite of my petite being, you

should hear me snoring.  I recorded

it once, like the secret weapon, like

the late-night sneak attack.

a black line

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