Poems. By Michael Martin.

Cherry picker


Day by night

Dark by light

They both stand side by side

Blending into one

Both appear to be the unknown

Only night knows day

Each day as pure as the last

Night as blameworthy as yesterday

Night creeps into day as the clock grows tall

Light is not so innocent no more, slowly losing, turning to dark

Darkness has had his way once more

Darkness can show up on light

Her beautiful ways can not penetrate the unclean

Day break can be seen once the dark has left

Light once again becomes clean

She has rid of the dark, slowly she will return to day

A new day, an innocent virgin

Darkness will wait for the next virgin to arise

Hiding in the shadows of each day

Waiting for light to grow vulnerable


Once again he will turn the day to night

Internal bleed


Nothing around us yet so much above us

Pain from within channels the nothingness around us

Wounding the people it can effect

Leaving the immune to battle another day


Depression takes people silently

Leaving us to pick up the pieces of life

Try to find the right pattern

In hope of a perfect life


The bleed of something normal keeps us away

Scared of what it could impose on yourself

But who am I to stipulate these everyday occurrences

Like the people around me

I cry as well

The window


I peer out the window, staring at the world going by

Wondering what it is all about

Hoping to find the answers, the answer to all our questions

The questions we all ask


Looking at the wind sweeping the dust

The trees moving, trying to dispose of the answers

People amble without a worry

Too arrogant to think of the answers to all our questions


Maybe we are not here to find the answers

There may not be any questions

Why should there be

Why should we challenge something bigger than us


The window I look out of, small and plain

Big enough to see the whole picture

The picture we have painted

Maybe we should look within ourselves for the answers

As you can see, we painted the picture


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