Poems by Martin Friel


I didn’t know it was her


I didn’t know it was her
How could I?
There was only a sensation of what I was looking for
A woman of beauty with eyes that devoured
And a touch that caressed the soul
A laugh that cured all ills
A look that said
“Everything is OK, we’ll be alright, we’ll be great”
And a smile that blinded the sun

There she was, standing before me
Someone I knew but had never known
I didn’t recognise her
But I’d been looking …
Then those magical words
Forever lost to a drunken night
That led to the kiss
Where we melted together
A languid, intense, delicious meeting of mouths

After, we just lay there
No talk, no movement
I savoured the smell and sensation of her skin
The soft contours of her body pressed against mine
I buried my head inhaling the moment
Possessing her spirit
As my hand ran down her body
Sensing my seed inside
Being nurtured by her

I held tight as she pressed into me
Kissing her gently on the cheek
Feeling her blissful smile
I knew I had found her
She was the one who had been so vague in my thoughts
This was what she looked like, smelt like, felt like
My imaginings now had form, flesh and feeling
Inhaled deeply, exhaled slowly
I knew this was the one
She’d always been there
I just hadn’t seen her


* * * *


I dreamt of you

I dreamt of you
We were embracing
Naked in the rain
I told you I loved you
You laughed
Whispered, "I love you too"
We kissed
And the rain ran down our bodies
And then we merged
Fused as one
Seeping into the earth with the rain


* * * * *

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