My Past Always Follows by Maranda Wimmer.



The rolling hills pull me faster, farther
The fear at my back sends me longer, harder
Ahead is my future, new in all aspects
Behind is my past, complete with the defects
Ahead, the sky is blue, crisp and flawless
Behind, it is gray, desolate, and hopeless
The grass is always greener on the other side,
But to what degree of truth, can that truly abide?
I lurch my body forward, to flee with a vengeance.
The gnawing at my heels is becoming a hindrance.
How long can I continue this frivolous evasion?
Will I reach my designation? Will it end in devastation?
If I stop in my tracks, will the vile encompass me?
Will the moon collapse, will the sun blaze eternally?
If my heart begins to stammer, fever, fatigue,
Will my blood run cold? Will my attempts succeed?
If my breath stops abruptly or I'm bewildered by scars,
Honor me in silence, dismantle the stars.
If on judgment day, my past condemns,
I'll revel in nostalgia, I'll rejoice in my sins.



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