Nate Maye



Lights On


I left the lights on
so you would not stumble

I left the door open
so you could find me

I knew the sound
of your footsteps the moment
you were born.



a black line


This November


This November will be different
than the last

This November will be all
about thawing and staying warm

We will not gather leaves
we will build something with them
as they fall

Until the ice begins again.



a black line




I'm wanting and I'm hungry
I'm a wide-open ravenous mouth

until I'm full and then I'm
the sitter, the listener, the sleeper

but my appetite comes back
quickly and the world is not
enough to fill me.



a black line




They speak in symbols

without words, without sound

flapping appendages

like the wings of birds

send language high up.


a black line

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