Extracts from "Now" by J.B. Pick.

a line

The Peacock.

A heavy-footed peacock paces off,
Dragging its tail of eyes.
The sun withdraws discreetly,
Too modest to compete.


another line

Orpheus returns from the Underworld.

Death is not more deep than this;
My head falls and falls and falls.
I am the gallows now
From which I have climbed down.
For the press: no statement.


the third line


"Why do you beat?" I asked my heart.
"Because I must," my heart replied.
"When will you stop?" I asked my heart.
"No more questions," heart replied.
"I will stop, and we shall part
When I lose faith in being a heart."


yet another line

The leap.

Time runs asleep.
NOW jumps him awake.
Remember this leap
For life's sake.


last line

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