Odd, the Norm . By Len Bourret.


Extreme weather
with bursts of heat,
torrential rain, and
prolonged drought,
world temperature
averages, as high
as 1.53 degrees
above the norm,
with January the
warmest month,
in the hottest
year on record,
with England's
first-ever warm
pieces of April,
by more than
1.1 degrees,
a tornado in
August struck
New York City,
a cyclone in
June hit the
Middle East,
as lakes and
water supplies
began to shrink
while, at the same
time, South Africa
had a significant
snowfall and, on
Reunion Island
(400 miles east
of Africa), there
was nearly 155
inches of rain,
and the Arctic
(the world's
defrosted, and
warmed the
world, with its
sheets of ice,
in the hottest
year on land
and water,
oddities have
become the

* * * * *

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