New poems by Rebecca Johnson.


Toronto Dream


I sit upon a frozen hill,
Catching snowflakes on my tongue.
Just the way I imagined I would,
In my dreams when I were young.

Music plays into my mind,
I smile with glazey eyes.
To me this world's been very kind,
I think and look to the sky.

I pulled together, made the journey,
And considered all the risks.
Planning to live how my parents taught me,
No instruction book or disk.


* * * *


Flower Power


When I'm buried in the ground,
Other seeds soon then catch on.
Apparently we're a big hit in this town,
All striving for the sun.

I take a peek at daylight,
Shining bright I quint my eyes.
I find the strength and make my entrance,
And then to my surprise.

Heads turn around to great me,
As I stare back and smile.
They all look the same as me,
Not something I've seen in a while

* * * * *

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