that way madness lies
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Poetry by Paul Tristram


Crazy Day


The dinnertime sun is shining
but it still seems so very dark.
A bird is in my garden singing
but it sounds like a dogs bark.
The ice-cream vans loud chime
sounds just like a death bell.
The cuckoo ran out of its clock
accidently tripped up and fell.
My denim jeans are too short
my cotton shirt is too far long.
I’m breathing in instead of out
today everything seems wrong.
Do I walk right up the stairs
or come all the way back down?
Do I really want to be up there
or back down here on the ground?
I have just phoned myself up
but I rang the wrong number.
I have just peeled a banana
and realized it was a cucumber.
I cannot stand this crazy day
It’s driving me around the bend.
It has gone on for too long
I wish it would finally end.
Perhaps I will go and lay down
yes, I will go off to my bed.
Miss the rest of this crazy day
and wake up yesterday instead.



a line, (a blue one)


At Arms Length


I am going to keep you all away for now

let you scurry on with what you’re doing.

Hole myself up in my solitary space

where I’m safe from the teeth of ruin.

I need to see not one single person

and I want no one to take up my time.

All social activities are put on hold

the cork is back in that bottle of mine.

I’m not resting, hiding or going away

I’m busy working the words in my head.

I’ll come out when I’m done with that

for now there’s nothing more to be said.



a line, (a blue one)


I Wish I Could Bounce


I wish I could bounce
just like a rubber ball.
Out of each relationship
without a care at all.


I wish I could bounce
when I am knocked down.
Then I would always smile
I’d never need to frown.


I wish I could bounce
right up to the ceiling.
I’d absorb every impact
without negative feeling.

I wish I could bounce
up over the windowsill.
Instead of sitting alone
drinking myself so ill.



a line, (a blue one)


Satan’s Slave


I’m at the crossroads between life and death.

I’ve made my choice, I’m turning left.

I’m going down to the Devil’s hotel.

Deep into the place that they call Hell.

I know he’ll take me, he’ll keep me there.

My spirit and soul with him I’ll share.

They’re not much good, they’re broken through.

They returned in pieces when I gave them to you.

You’re no longer innocent, no longer my girl.

Instead of love in my head only hatred whirls.

You’ve gone leaving me with a broken heart.

You threw it back at me smashed apart.

But I hope when I offer to be Satan’s slave?

I’ll have my revenge seeing you in your grave.



a line, (a blue one)


And That Is How I Slept


All the girl ever really wanted

was to be given just one last cup.

But I sat there and drank it down

right the way down to the last sup.

My orange sparkling disco pants

they were absolutely way too tight.

But it didn’t really matter to her

for the girl was short of sight.

She asked as softly as she could

if I would take her out on a date?

I said that if you wish to honey

I shall meet you at oblivion’s gate.

She shook like a schoolyard idiot

and she danced just like a clown.

She said that for just ten pence

she could really get right down.

She crawled across the dance floor

while I was begging at her feet.

But the bouncer was her brother

so I ended up out in the street.

But the next week I did meet her

after drinking in the nearest pub.

She said that she’d been waiting

for me to turn up at the nightclub.

But me I was so blooming stormed

that I missed my very first step.

So I crawled face up to my ankles

and you know, that is how I slept.



a line, (a blue one)


Bourbon Boulevard


Bourbon Boulevard

Is where I stay.

I sit and drink away

Most of the day.

My friends and I

Do not pay no rent.

We just crash out

On the pavement.


So if you want to

Come and visit us.

Just catch yourself

The nearest bus.

We will be here

Sitting in the gutter.

Where all of the

Bottles clutter.


So now you’re here

Let’s have a drink.

Drink up until

You absolutely stink.

Of whisky and women

Cigarettes and song.

We’re almost drunk

Yeah, we’re almost gone.


Well now your day

Has come to an end.

Come back soon

And bring a friend.

You can drink again

To your heart’s content.

God bless this street

It’s heaven sent.


I live my life

On Bourbon Boulevard.

Where an empty bottle

Is my calling card.

I live my life

On Bourbon Boulevard.

Where I’m drunk and happy

And seldom sad.



a line, (a blue one)


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