Poems. By Tempest Brew.


Emerald Lightning


the summer shimmer

the dark gloves

the glow of our candles


all made the storm

turn a brighter spectrum

disturbing our later sleep


reminding us of years

ago when we were young.



a short black line


Corset Queen


she's pulled tight

and all bundled

head a stack on body

body a slender rail

feet a moving blister.



a short black line




thank you, Humbert,

for teaching us how not

to love,


not furtively in other

rooms and secret,

quiet desperation,


but honest, open, out

in the air, real love.



a short black line




she's a pile of bones

stretched over a body

that's too big for her

age, hair a tangle,

grin a disaster and it's

easy to see why she

pushes on others


a black line

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