Terry Brinkman






Maze of dark Rorschach test baptizing

Dishonors of their Zig Zag flesh fall

Outcast women’s high minded brawl

Confessional weak wasting hand rising

Naught and crosses quacking souls compromising

Spiritual conditional test of her Parasol

Eager anticipation of haven for all

Solemnities a slightly ironical criticizing

Noisy Church-Yard Deathless Gods best

Nonracial Mass Biscuit Tin cursed

Last swig of the challis contest

The sun never rises above Papal Blessing outburst

Like a burr sticking under a Nun’s vest

Star thrown shadows of haven versed




a black line



Solemnities I


Eager anticipation of everything rising

Solemnities a slightly ironical pitfall

Hymns to heavenly church drawl

Meadows murmuring waters harmonizing

Unmentionables full of scrutinizing

Shadow less early morning crawl

Her boat stuck in the mud last fall

She then allowed her bowels to ease without compromising



a black line


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