by Terry Brinkman


Sleepy Whale 390


Dark woman and fair man dancing at Red Rock

The fifty five Ford they arrived in, it’s a bucket of Rust

I was eating New York Pizza with thin crust

Eleven bells from the grandfather clock

Out the back window a fence sitting Hawk

Ghost woman’s Stockings crumpled at her ankle need an adjust

Blue Irish blue eye liner a must

I and the Irish girl with blue eyes, small talk 




a black line



Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing


Well known strains the heels not to be seen

Blue dust smoke gets in your eye

Around the court house my eye and your pocket green

Lord, have mercy on her alchemy

Toilet tank of life refilling ride

Alabaster silent, dark woman’s face

Gipsy like eyes Troilus some disgrace




a black line



Deep Velvet of the Sea


Ghost woman with rich green silk stockings to start the day

Deep Velvet of the sea’s cloak

Bring your lion to heel this way

Her coiled pipe producing smoke

Horse with burr in his mane won’t break

Sated after his yawn tear washed face

Forgotten for the moment to speak




a black line



Kiss Away the Hurt-ness


Kissed away the hurt-ness her eyes twain

Blue eyes glistering with hot tears in one

Left in the dirty sand unmentionables remain

Sad plight misadventure not one alone

Woman with a high degree of respect

Girls will be Girls in spite

Pink articulates lips a storm kiss effect

Witchery bluest Irish blue eyes

Lustrous lashes delight


a black line


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