by Terry Brinkman



Silk Umbrella


Many stars all for a fleeting midnight

She holds a Silk Umbrella with a Gold cover

Violent shooting stars atmospheric perturbation survey

Happy as the night was long lover

A gone but not forgotten time

Geon of the brightness of the poet’s pen

Faintly chuckled with delight of the rhyme

Raining storm tossed hearts of men



a black line


Bold As Brass


Bold as brass in her voice

Gnawing sorrel on her face now in the past

Giving way to tears her eyes turn red

He stole an arm around her waist

Together they whisk well like white of eggs flow

Wanted her ball to play with having won the night

She tickled tiny tot’s two cheeks woe

Casting shadows over her childhoods sight



a black line


Girlish Shyness


Verge of tears short sighted eyes

Girlish shyness a haunting expressive state

 Blue Irish blue eyes still cries

Unmistakably evident innate refinement fate

A deliberate lie for time to hope

High degree held a gentle woman possessed

Seated with her companions

Year of the rebellion epicenter at its least



a black line


Brick Bat


Her eyes dancing in admonition hearts

Silently sad down cast eyes dead

High degree held over her own parts

Brick Bat to trust always buried

Her eyes misty with unshed tears

Her silent sad downcast eye

Lady of the land herself appears

A deliberate time to lie



a black line


Her P.P.E


Asia Minor Turkey Seven Biblical white gowns are all gone

Revelation begins with nurses and ends with men’s lives

Greek Seven Spirts before her missing P.P.E

Him who loves us made us light but no face masques

Freed-us from our sins by his blood in the last fight

Who was and who is to come times ten after all our P.P. E is lost

Majority of our Greek manuscripts is lost now

Alpha and Omega the life of a nurse



a black line


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