And It's All Because of Love by Tameka M. Sharrette.


I wear a smile on my face but it's a fake one.

I clown and joke around but deep inside my world is upside down.

I'm walking on the ceiling and no one really knows what I'm feeling.

My heart is so lonely and I'm becoming impatient.

I am becoming impatient waiting for you, waiting for love, where are you?

Do you hear the echoes of my heart? Don't you know I am looking for you?

I've buried my feelings, hidden the real me, the one that wants to be wild and free in love. How can I be free when you're all I think about?

I'm stuck in a hole and no one knows I am here but me. My Love will you rescue me? Do you hear me calling?

It's dark, eerie, and rainy and I'm losing my sanity. The crazy thing is I don't know how I arrived here but I do know fear keeps me here.

Can I get out of this hole myself? Why do I feel so helpless and glum?

I don't want to make any mistakes, No! I don't want to make any mistakes in love. I just want to give all my love to you. I'm so stuck on you, I just want to wait for you so don't leave me here forever. I don't know how much longer I can take it. Why does love make you feel so naked? I feel like I've been stripped down to nothing and it's all because of you, And It's all because of love.



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