What Will Be, Will Be. By by Len Bourret (Copyright 2006).

Dedicated to Doris Day, Lucille Ball,
Red Skelton, Paul McCartney and
the Beatles.

Imperfections and Incongruities,
Co-dependency and Enmeshments,
human frailties, friends help friends.

Energy, Motivation, Stimulation,
and Time,
Failures and Successes,
que sera sera.

Fame and Fortune,
Anonymity and Poverty,
money money money.

Control and Manipulation,
Passivity and Submissiveness,
insecurity and trust.

Manageable and Organized,
Dysfunctional and Fragmented,
the balanced and the chaotic.

Feelings and Thoughts,
Actions and Situations,
quality of mercy not strained.

Life and Death,
Star Trek and The Twilight Zone,
fantasy, reality, and the in-between.

Laughter and Tears,
Lucille McGillicutty and Freddie the Freeloader,
negatives, positives, and limbo.

Yesterday came suddenly, something's wrong,
What I believe in and long for,
mm-mm-mm-mm-mm-mm-mm (sung to the
tune of "Yesterday").

Legacy and Memories,
Not Impoverished or Forgotten,
que sera sera.

doris day, yesterdaydoris day, today

Doris Day, Yesterday and Today

* * *

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