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Alfonsina’s Dream of Love and Comfort. By Samantha Memi.


The full moon silvers the rain swept street. A dog howls in the distance as the moon hides behind a cloud. A bottle, blown by the wind, rattles along the road. From a corner appears a man, raincoat collar turned up against the inclement weather. He walks till he comes to the grandest house in the street.

He taps lightly on a window and waits. The window opens.

"Alfredo," comes a wispy voice from inside, and a wispy face appears, pallid in the moonlight, anaemic with blood red lips and coal black eyes, "you came."

"I said I would. A boat leaves for Panama at five."

"I cannot go with you Alfredo."

"What do you mean?"

"If I run away with you my father will disown me. You have no money. We will have to live in flea ridden rooms."

"Alfonsina, this cannot be true. Everything is arranged. I will work hard. I will provide you with everything you want."

"But I'm used to having servants wait on my every need. I know you're a good fuck, and I've enjoyed shagging you. But there's got to be more in my life than a stud in my bed."

"Is that all I am to you – a good time in bed."

"No no Alfredo, I love your soft lips and the witty things you say to make me laugh, but my father has power, he would not relent from pursuing you. We would always feel hunted, constantly having to move. I have another idea. Come closer."

Alfonsina whispers to Alfredo.

"My mother wants me to marry Admiral Ramon Eduardo Garcia de la Sierra."

Alfredo gasps, "he's so old."

"Shh, my love, I know he's old. But he's always away on one of his ships so we could meet as often as you wish and we can shag till I'm bandy and you're knock-kneed, and neither of us can walk properly. Sounds good, yes?"

"I don't like to think of you in bed with that horrible old man."

"He has a chauffeur, servants, gardeners, beautiful furniture, holiday chalets, I need those things."

Alfredo looks saddened, he realises the only way he can have anything of Alfonsina is to agree to her wishes, and she is so delightful in bed, soft and white and squelchy.


Alfonsina marries her Admiral. Their wedding night consists of his arthritic hands fondling her soft body and trying to squeeze between her held-fast thighs.

“I'm sorry Ramon, I'm a virgin, I'm so nervous. Please don't scare me."

And she cries.

He leaves to sleep in the guest room. She knows he sees prostitutes and hopes they will satisfy him enough so he won't bother her too often.


A few days later the Admiral has to leave to attend naval exercises.

Alfonsina goes to see her lover Alfredo. She takes a route through back alleys and side streets. She doesn’t want to be seen. She is unaware of being followed. A servant has been entrusted by Ramon to take note of every movement Alfonsina makes, whom she sees, where, and for how long.

Alfredo has booked a room in a seedy hotel. It’s all he can afford. He will book similar rooms over the next two weeks.

Dusk is bringing an end to the day. Bats swarm, silhouetted against the red sky. Alfonsina hurries into the hotel and quickly finds room seven. She hasn’t seen Alfredo for many months. When they meet their bodies glue together with hot kisses and hands caressing and undressing.

The bed squeaks. It annoys Alfonsina, but not enough to disturb her pleasure. After the warmth of loving they lay in each other’s arms, and each wishes to stay like this for ever.

But blushing Alfonsina, flushed after a second bout of lovemaking, must return to her master’s house. She promises Alfredo to meet him again in two days’ time, then hurries away into the night. Following unlit passageways, she scurries along. her skin tingling for the first time for months, her eyes bright like a cat’s, her body warmed from animal passion. Unknown to Alfonsina, she is followed.


* * *

Admiral Ramon de la Sierra bangs on his desk. His face is red then purple. Enraged by his wife’s infidelity, he wants to take her and rape her and throw her to his hounds. But instead he waits.

Two weeks later, when he has enough evidence to prove the adultery of his treacherous wife, he informs his friend, the commissioner of police. Alfonsina and Alfredo are arrested.

Alfonsina's mother is afraid the trial will bring disgrace to the family name. She begs her husband to talk to Admiral Garcia, but the process of law, once begun, must follow its inexorable course.

The lovers are found guilty of transgressing the norms of a Christian society and sentenced to death. Alfonsina's mother tries to intercede but is overruled by her husband.


Blindfolded, the lovers stand together in front of the firing squad.

Alfredo remembers her mouth over his cock, and the memory gives him an erection which stays even after a bullet shatters his brain.

Alfonsina thinks of the warmth of his arms around her, his breath on her neck, his kisses covering her mouth, and her heart ripples till a bullet splits it in two.



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