Well it's certainly short...
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Short Story. By J.B. Pick.

" I've been challenged by Winamop to write a short story. But I don't know how to write a short story or what to write a short story about."

"Write a short story about writing a short story and then you'll find out how to write one."

"But that would be boring."

"It's not boring so far."

"But surely something has to happen in a story or it isn't a story?"

"Yes, there has to be a surprise."

"What happens in a story is a surprise?"

"The surprise in this story would be that you discover you've written a short story."

"You mean this one?"


"But I haven't written it. You have."

"That's the surprise that makes the story."

"Well, it's a cheat."

"All plots are cheats. Life doesn't have plots. It has events and irony and they make stories."

"And this story has those?"

"Great Horps! So it has!"


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