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by Terry Brinkman





Cisatlantic instars manner of life to write

Between like and dislike artistically wrote

A Camel ship of the desert’s boat

Varying degrees of mental blight

Putting his hind foot forward flight

Four walker foolish head hanger coat

Some point of divergent self-help note

Rapid circular motion material clouds so white

Her social and ethical doctrine as written

Spirit of man’s literature wrinkle

Tenacity of heterodox domestic training kitten

Lives are in pearl tonight Steampunk crinkle

Struck him in ilk her three identical Mittens

Alcoholic relaxing atmospheric eye twinkle




a line, (a short blue one)





Hydro turgidity in a calm yawn

Attributed to the reapportion of Lite Beer

Points of observation no bigger cheer

Adjoining perihelion-tropic tree’s brawn

Night’s pre-ambulation on public lawn

Prospective barony of upper cross shear

Third class rollaway carriages veneer

Public through-fares stop’s Octagon

Extension of the field regressive bellow

Inexistence to existence Kelp

Nocturnal God’s Gas-Lamp light of Yellow

No bigger than a woman’s hand for help

Back pocket of his trousers Latch Key fellow

Equal-different uneven numbers reply




a line, (a short blue one)





Society of Jesus Kildare Baroness

Kindle first residence in Dublin that’s Brunette

Number thirteen his Godmother’s Corvette

Her dying sister is in the house playing Chess

In the Kitchen free union eeriness

Was dean of students her mother Mary’s Marionette?

Raising gaze with her father’s Quartet

The range point of junction dizziness

Flows from Round Wood Reservoir’s Yoga

Subterranean aqueduct’s her nodal

Prolonged Glen of the downs Saratoga

Fallen below the sill water works modal

Lover of water unplumbed profundity Toga

Sudan French restlessness Yodel




a line, (a short blue one)



Embrace Bliss


Rhonda’s mysterious embrace bliss

Orange Hue in lake skiing roundabout

Far-away in the west’s mad kiss

Beer fresh but not too chilly to count

Storm of many stars you can’t miss

Seated on the rocks fleeting paramount

The day had a long cabin hiss

Chuckled will delight in the account




a line, (a short blue one)



Two Doves


Softly feathered nails polished

Gentle wrong at a high table

A woman such eyes abortive

Quarrel between Two Doves

Her dignity told her to stay sportier

Blouse of electric blue and black gloves

Sad silent still supportive

Haunting girlish shyness love



a line, (a blue one)


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