Many, Many Hedgehogs, Maybe Gumdrops
by KJ Hannah Greenberg


“Many hedgehogs plus gumdrops.”

“Sheesh! Many, many sheesh!”

“Hedgehogs singing, skipping, wishing gumdrops.”


“Albeit, with mayonnaise jars.”


“Many, many hedgehogs wishing many, many gumdrops. Also, rain.”




“Wet with raindrops, wishing gumdrops.”

“Hedgehogs’ umbrellas?”

“Many mayonnaise jars.”


“Hedgehogs softly catching drops.”



“Softly? Hedgehogs?”



“Wishing, softly, many, many gumdrops, not raindrops.”


“Catching raindrops, but wishing gumdrops. Hedgehogs with mayonnaise jar umbrellas.”

“Hedgehogs minus gumdrops with mayonnaise jars? What?”

“Wishing gumdrops. Catching raindrops. Licking mayonnaise jars.”




“Hedgehogs singing, catching sheesh. Many, many hedgehogs catching sheesh. Hiding drops.”


“Raindrops! Sheesh!”

“No gumdrops?”



“Raindrops, albeit mayonnaise jar umbrellas.”

“Umbrellas and hedgehogs?”

“Many, many hedgehogs. Many, many jars.”

“Skipping, dancing, hiding?”

“Skipping, dancing, hiding, and licking mayonnaise jars.”



“And umbrellas?”

“No umbrellas. Mayonnaise jars.”

“Mayonnaise jars and raindrops?”


“Many, many Sheesh!”

“Good wishing. Many, many hedgehogs wish for raindrops.”



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