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  • The Montucky Review is a web based poetry publication that seeks well crafted wordplay from both established and novice writers alike.

  • Dangling On A Hook in stories, poems and pictures speaks to the hook we all dangle from and offers the philosophy of enough.

  • Maxwell Chandler. Join "Our man on the coast" and his Myspace friends.

  • John McCall. "Phony Pearls of Ficticious Wisdom" Clerihews, poems and stories.

  • Eclectica Magazine. If you like what you see on Winamop you'll like this.

  • Madness Muse Press is run by Winamop contributor Adam Levon Brown. Enacting Social Change Through the Power of Writing.

  • Jazz Crusade. Visit Big Bill Bissonnette for a fine selection of New Orleans Jazz CDs.

  • RoTuN (Clifford K. Watkins, Jr.), is a writer/poet/lyricist originally from North Carolina.
    We have some of his poems on Winamop.

  • Peterpick.com The Doktor struts his stuff; writing, music and pictures.

  • My Poetic Side Enjoy the best love poems, inspirational poetry and more.

  • Terrible Beauty Contributor Wayne H.W Wolfson's own site.

  • 3 am Magazine. An international literary site with music and arts reviews.

  • "Timothy McSweeney's internet tendency, an offshoot of T. McS's Quarterly concern" evidently...

  • The Black Table. Rude and irreverent.... nowt wrong with that! Ended in 2006.

  • The Morning News. Another American literary site.

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