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Welcome to all of you with enthusiasm for the literary, the musical and the artistic. We have stories, we have poems, we have pictures, we have music reviews, and with your help, we're constantly adding more.

The site is updated with new material approximately once a month, the editor will now introduce the latest edition:

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July 2021

Hooray! We're back on track with a fine collection of stories, art and poetry. Thanks to all our contributors, many of whom have contributed multiple items.

I am also very pleased to introduce new contributor Mike Hickman to the fold, see his story below.

Before we get into it I must just tell you that prolific writer and some-time Winamop contributor Gary Beck has a new book of poetry out, it's called "Motifs" and is available through Amazon. (what isn't...?)

Here we go then..


it says "stories"

Mike Hickmanis new to Winamop [BIO] and introduces himself with a tale of hapless lecturer Adrian, who's career was going nowhere until he got given the "how to teach" module. Could it be the making of him? Read Adrian’s Goldfish Bowl and see..
read this!


Martin Green returns with two short stories. The first is Walking with My Son is a wistful memory and Top of The Mark is about a young man taking a momentous step in life.
read this!


Terry Brinkman has contributed a short story, art work and three poems this time. Thanks Terry! The story is called Wright's Pond and is a childhood memoir.
read this!


Eric Suhem is back and his story concerns an accountant - not usually the most interesting of people - but Nesbit has a plan to make himself successful. What plan is this? Find out in The Accountant.
read this!


KJ Hannah Greenberg has been eavesdropping on communications with the moon. There's a colony up there these days and it's a busy social whirl! Find out about all the goings-on in Welcome To The Moon.
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it says "ART"

KJ Hannah Greenberg again brings us some of her art. This time it comprises original works and photographs.
read this!


Terry Brinkman has added another picture to his collection of, now thirteen, art works. Have a look at Norris, and all the others too if you like.
see this!


it says "poems"

Mark Anthony Pearce returns with a new collection of wonderful poems. They are: A Pseudo Faust In The Covid Age - You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do - Harden Road - Poor Ethelwald - Haruspex On Braggs Lane - Knitting Helps His Anger Issues and A Smile As Sad As Sunday.
read this!


George Gad Economou is still leading a dissolute life in these five poems: Dead is the Night - routine - a plea to the gods - the dancer and weekend.
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Terry Brinkman, in addition to the story and the art, has three poems for us! They are: Our House - Sonnet CCCXI and Sleepy Whale 441.
read this!



Well that's it for now, we've reached the end of this bumper edition. I hope that you found something you liked?

Remember that if you wish to contribute, particularly if you can craft a short story, just click the "Mail us" button at the bottom of the page.

Winamop will be back in August with another collection of good stuff. Do come back and try it.

All the best.




Something you missed? Catch up on previous editions by clicking this word. They are all there, right back to 2003.




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