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May 4th

May the fourth be with us!

Sorry about that, couldn't resist it..

First of all I have to say a grateful thanks to all the contributors who responded to last month's appeal for more stories . You did a great job and we're back on track with a good mix of prose and poetry.

I'm very happy, and the sun is shining.

Right, let's get started.

This month Donal Mahoney brings us the story of a young man coming to his grandfather for a story. A story that will earn him an A-grade when he writes it up for school. Gramps has a story all right! Read Fake with Your Left.
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Now it's time to welcome back Martin Friel. He has a tale concerning a man hell-bent on making a scientific breakthrough, well, some kind of breakthrough anyway. It's called Tam The Bam for reasons which will become apparent.
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Ken Allan Dronsfield has brought us a lot of good poems in previous editions, and he does so again this time, but he also responds to my challenge to story-tellers and has sent in this heart-warming piece of fiction: Three Pennies, Buttons and Lint
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Another previous poet turned story-teller this month is JD DeHart (thanks JD!). This one is a bit spooky so don't read it on a dark night just before bed-time.. It's called I Did That.
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OK, so there’s the hedgehogs, who are the good guys, then there’s the cats – moggies – felines – whatever, who are out to get them. This gets messy! It's KJ Hannah Greenberg's Agent 5764’s Soured Mission.
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a line, (a short blue one)


Follow me now - into the poetry section - where we meet Ken Allan Dronsfield again. Ken's answer to the rallying call for new stories is featured above, but here he brings us a new collection five poems.
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It's time to introduce Sofia Kioroglou who is an award winning Greek poet [BIO]. These are her first for Winamop: The looking-glass self and Can I tell your dog a secret? They're good!
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Next it's Perry L Powell who steps up to the keyboard and lays down some new poems for us. Perry is a poet from Georgia in the USA and he has a very nice touch. Here we have Mission Statement, Now I Know Why and Full.
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Our last new contributor this month is j. lewis (no capitals it seems) who makes you think, and entertains too. This is what poetry is for! Read could it be this, eighty-seven years and newman's own.
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I already have a whole bunch of stuff lined up for June so remember to check back here for that!

Until then, adieu.




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