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February 3rd

It's a sad time here at Winamop.

We've lost one of our founding fathers; JBP. It was his idea that there should be an outlet on the Internet for the sort of material that doesn't attract major publishers - yet ought to be seen. Read my little tribute to him.
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Back to normality now, and Harry Downey returns with a story about an unexceptional girl called Sharon. What's wrong with being unexceptional? Nothing!
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Welcome to Matthew H Emma, whose first story for us features the new President of the Salzburg Country Club Board of Directors. He has an agenda item that is likely to cause a stir. It's called Unfinished Business.
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Next we hear from regular contributor Donal Mahoney. This story is the reply to a letter recently received, the writer has not been in contact since a traumatic break-up 40 years ago...
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Poetry now, and Paul Tristram returns with another collection of his excellent poems. I particularly like Disaster Comes In Many Shapes And Sizes .
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JD DeHart is back. This time he seems to be a little disappointed in the way things are going. Me too! Here we have Poor Me, Fish Bones & Cold Woods, You Knew Me When and The Digital Age.
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Lastly this month we have some new material from poet Taylor B. Here we have If I Die, Time l, Time ll and Fresh Laundry.
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Well there we are.

All's well that ends well I guess?




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