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January 11th 2015

What a start to the new year; a deadly attack on a struggling satirical magazine in Paris by religious fanatics. In the West we have a long tradition of "taking the piss" out of authority in one form or another. It may sometimes be cruel or offensive to those who are lampooned but, as was taught to me as a child; "sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me". Not strictly true I admit, but you can defend yourself against words whereas you have no chance against a Kalashnikov...

Mitch Benn put it pretty well in his song on Radio 4's Now Show this week.


On to more pleasant things now; the new edition of Winamop - first of 2015 - is here.

Let's start as we mean to continue, with a story from Donal Mahoney. Caucus at the Parking Meter features some disgraceful old men who meet up at Rocky's diner. If you should ever go there, it's advisable not to get Jimbo started talking about women...
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Next it's Eric Suhem with a story about Amelia. Amelia has butterflies flying around her head, she radiates a positive mystical force field. But then a man arrives with a green flower in his eye. It's called from The Eye.
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I must apologise to Harry Downey, he sent this story to Winamop in November and I forgot all about it. What a buffoon I am! It's a good one too, about two brothers and a secret long kept. It's called Double Whammy.
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We've had all sorts of things in Winamop over the years but we've never had a recipe before, so here is one. It's for scones (I pronounce scone as in gone - not cone, but I don't want to start an argument!) the little yeast-free bread buns that are good in sweet or savoury roles (geddit?). Quick and easy, you could be eating one in under half and hour.
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On January 27th it will be 70 years since the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau. Poet Dee Sunshine describes himself as a "half-Jew" whose grand-parents could easily have suffered the same fate as so many of their kith and kin. The first draft of this collection A Burnt Offering was written for the 50th anniversary in 1995 and we reproduce the final version here plus audio, read by Dee, if you'd prefer to listen.
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Now it's time to meet a new contributor: Michelle Villanueva. Michelle is a student completing an MFA in Creative Writing and Poetry at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She has a chapbook, Postscript: Lions, which will soon be out at Etched Press. This poem is soul steeped in wonder.
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Poetry next from regular contributor Paul Tristram who seems to be having some social issues. Here we have Out With The New / In With The Old, Cardboard Cutout, Out Of Place, It's Definitely Yellow, Paranoia and Remember Reality.
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Finally we go all ekphrastic with Neil Ellman who has been inspired by a room installation from Ilya Kabakov, a sculpture by Richard Serra and a painting by Kay Sage. A feast of images and ideas.
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We're off to a flying start and I hope that the momentum will continue, thanks to all our contributors.

Despite the inauspicious start to the year let's all, defiantly, have a very happy 2015.




Something you missed? Catch up on previous editions by clicking this word. They are all there, right back to 2003.




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