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Welcome to all of you with enthusiasm for the literary, the musical and the artistic. We have stories, we have poems, we have pictures, we have music reviews, and with your help, we're constantly adding more.

The site is regularly updated with new material, the editor will now introduce the latest edition:

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May 2018

Before we start I must tell you about Gary Beck's new chapbook "Internet Yearnings" which is available from Fowlpox Press. For some reason the web-site plays Coleman Hawkins - How Come You Do Me Like You Do (I enjoyed that) but don't let that put you off reading Gary's book.

I'm sorry you missed the birthday party, we had jelly and balloons and everything!

You'll just have to console yourselves with the May edition which is right here.

So let's head off into our 16th year starting with this splendid crop of stories and poetry, from some old friends and some new faces.

To make the newcomers feel at home we'll go round the room and each of us will introduce ourselves to the group, then we'll break for coffee.

Anyone need de-caff?

Where are the biscuits? Oh, wait a minute, who wanted cookies?

Why can't anyone else in the world make proper biscuits? Ones that you can dunk in a cup of tea..

Oh never mind, scrap the bonding exercise let's get straight to the content:

it says "stories"

Andrew Lee-Hart is back with another historical piece featuring Lancelot at the time of King Arthur's Camelot... and beyond. Read Forlorn.
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KJ Hannah Greenberg's epic tale concerns a relationship unravelling, then the strands intertwine in different ways. It's called Familiarities.
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Bradford Middleton returns this month with a tale of a man barely functioning, how will he get through the day?.. Will he even make it 'til lunchtime? Read A Morning Circling The Drain.
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Simon King wrote a story about British Prime-Minister Edward Heath last time and now he's turned his attention to Charles Crumb, brother of the notorious cartoonist Robert Crumb. It's called Charles.
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The editor. Yes, I have written a little history of the site which I hope will interest those of you who regularly visit Winamop. Why we did it.. that sort of thing. Not interested? Oh well, you can't please everyone.
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it says "poems"

Neil Ellman has a knack of interpreting works of art in poetic form. The poems stand up without the pictures but the combination is delightful. This time he is inspired by the work of Roberto Matta, Yves Tanguy, Sam Francis and Paul Klee.
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DS Maolalai introduces himself to us with this suite of five well-made poems. BIO Here you have 2nd hand - The wine. Like Macbeth. R - My new leather jacket. - Drinking with Matt. and A beautiful Tuesday.
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JD DeHart turns his hand to poetry this time, and he makes an excellent job of it too! Here are three new ones called Underpinnings - Creek and What We Come to Know.
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Adam Levon Brown is the brains behind Madness Muse Press BIO and he introduces himself to Winamop with five impressive poems: Serpentium - Seeking Solace - Thy Kingdom Come - Midnight Stroll and Bullets and Fire.
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That was good wasn't it?

If you want more, come back next month and I hope that we will have some for you. That, of course, depends upon the fine band of contributors who keep us going.

You can join them, write something and send it to me. Use the email button at the bottom of the page.






Something you missed? Catch up on previous editions by clicking this word. They are all there, right back to 2003.




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