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Welcome to all of you with enthusiasm for the literary, the musical and the artistic. We have stories, we have poems, we have pictures, we have music reviews, and with your help, we're constantly adding more.

The site is regularly updated with new material, the editor will now introduce the latest edition:

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April 2019

It's "swings and roundabouts" round here. Some months I get a surfeit of poetry and hardly any stories, and others - like this one - I have lots of stories and only a few poems..

Not that I'm complaining, I'm pleased to have such a diverse group of writers and artists contributing. Keep it up!

So, story fans, it's your lucky edition, but poetry afficionados have something to enjoy too.

Let's get started:

it says "stories"

George Gad Economou. There are bars you feel happy to walk into and there are those which it's probably best to avoid. This tale concerns a bar in the latter category. It's Just Another Night of Insanity; enter if you dare..
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Andrew Lee Hart enjoys a pancake. There have been several occasions in this imagined life where pancakes have played a significant part. Enjoy some yourself in Pancake Day.
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Martin Green brings us a tale of young people making a new start after the Korean war of the 1950s. In a hot and sweaty New York, just passing time until life gets properly underway. Read That Summer.
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Paul Murgatroyd is new to Winamop and his story is all about a haunted house. Well, it's a haunted hotel really, should attract some kindred spirits I suppose? It's called Stan.
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Harry Downey brings us a small "Amuse Bouche" to finish today's selection. If only the door had been shut properly this senseless loss of life would never have happened. Read The Intruder.
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it says "poems"

Vince O'Connor has written us a poem for Easter, a short poem, a very short poem - in fact this introduction is longer! It's called Conjoining
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JD DeHart brings us a collection of short, pithy poems this time. They are: Valentine’s - Stutter - Gave a Word and Write for Yourself.
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KJ Hannah Greenberg has three poems for us this time, they are: A Recession-Proof Job, The Momentum of Needles that Kill and Scorning Dragons over Lost Burial Rites
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I hope you found something you enjoyed in our selection this time. If you feel that you can do as well, or better, then put your mouse where your mouth is and send it in!

Use the "Mail us" button at the bottom of the page.

Cheerio and happy Easter.




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