Dog bites man.
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Brexit update

Nothing's happened yet...


Aaargh! What are we going to do now?

We go over live to our correspondent at Westminster.

Michael Gove (picture by Paul Grover / Rex Features)

Hello from Westminster. Nobody here has the foggiest idea what to do. It seems that most people have resigned or are being forced to resign or have just fallen asleep due to being exhausted by running around in small circles since the referendum result.
The Scots are uppity (no change there then) the Welsh are probably happy - it's hard to tell, the pound is worth 60 cents and the London stock-exchange has gone poo. Nigel Farage has denied that any of this is his fault and gone for a pint.
Back to the studio... Oh no, wait things have just taken a turn for the worse; Michael Gove has kicked Boris in the goolies and intends to become prime-minister. Lord preserve us! Aaargh! (noises off)

Oh dear, I think we've lost our Westminster correspondent, possibly for good. Kiss your children goodnight Britain and batten down the hatches.
Now here's the weather from Samantha.

It's pissing down as usual. What do you expect? It is mid summer after all...



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