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  • The Montucky Review is a web based poetry publication that seeks well crafted wordplay from both established and novice writers alike.

  • Bruce Harris is a British Winamop contributor and novelist who writes fiction and poetry of quality.

  • Dangling On A Hook in stories, poems and pictures speaks to the hook we all dangle from and offers the philosophy of enough.

  • Thunderburst. Website of writer and artist, Dee Rimbaud, which features numerous writers' resources, including the comprehensive AA Independent Press Guide, with listings of over 2,000 literary magazines and publishers worldwide, as well as links pages with thousands of links to writers' personal websites, internet magazines and other useful resources.

  • Maxwell Chandler. Join "Our man on the coast" and his Myspace friends.

  • John McCall. "Phony Pearls of Ficticious Wisdom" Clerihews, poems and stories.

  • Our Stories, your stories, the world's stories.

  • Eclectica Magazine. If you like what you see on Winamop you'll like this.

  • Lisa Zaran is a Winamop contributor. A poet and essayist living in Arizona, she has authored five collections, the latest being "Subtraction Flower".

  • Jazz Crusade. Visit Big Bill Bissonnette for a fine selection of New Orleans Jazz CDs.

  • RoTuN (Clifford K. Watkins, Jr.), is a writer/poet/lyricist originally from North Carolina.
    We have some of his poems on Winamop.

  • Peterpick.com The Doktor struts his stuff; writing, music and pictures.

  • Poems-and-Poetry Enjoy the best love poems, inspirational poetry and more.

  • Terrible Beauty Contributor Wayne H.W Wolfson's own site.

  • 3 am Magazine. An international literary site with music and arts reviews.

  • The Simon. Intelligent, American literary site. Seems to be in stasis since 2010..

  • "Timothy McSweeney's internet tendency, an offshoot of T. McS's Quarterly concern" evidently...

  • The Black Table. Rude and irreverent.... nowt wrong with that! Ended in 2006.

  • The Morning News. Another American literary site.

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