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Kate Moss drug shocker... (not).

By Martin Friel.

So Kate Moss does a bit of blow. Well you could have knocked me down with a feather when I heard that one! Who would have thought that a jet-setting, junkie-shagging, party-attending style icon of a woman, immersed in the bubble world of fashion, would do something as outlandish as sticking some coke up her nose? The way the Mirror relayed this information, you’d think that the Queen had been caught wearing leather with a snooker ball strapped to her mouth. I just don’t see where the shock factor comes in to this.

The fact that a test of the toilet cisterns in Parliament a few years back indicated that many of them had been dusted with the old marching powder, should show us that it is a lot more widespread than a lot of people think. Incidentally, I don’t recall there being a sweep of the Houses of Parliament following this revelation with every member being questioned and possibly tested. Surely if Cocaine is such a dangerous and insidious drug, as the mighty Mirror suggests, then the fact that the leaders of our nation appear to be wired most of the time should worry us a hell of a lot more than some stick insect (albeit a very tasty one) indulging in some recreational drugs.

Reports in the papers tell us that the price of Cocaine is dropping all the time and that younger and younger people are getting their grubby, shaky little mitts on it. So its availability is increasing, so much so in fact that Ecstasy use in on the slide. The guardians of our moral well-being are up in arms about Kate’s little habit sighting the fact that she is an example to children and should therefore know better whilst gnashing their teeth at the thought of her poor infant child being surrounded by this debauchery.

So, three things here.
Firstly, Cocaine is no longer a big deal to a great chunk of the population. Some people find it hard to go out for a drink without stuffing their face with what they hope is Cocaine. If you know what to look for, you can see the tell-tale signs of someone who is on coke. Believe me, judging by the people I see out and about at weekends, it is a lot more prevalent than you think. Either that or a lot of people are on doctor’s medication or old-fashioned diet pills.

Secondly, several of Kate’s contracts with fashion labels have now fallen through. Incidentally, I would have thought that being dropped by Burberry would have been cause for celebration. Regardless, she has been dropped. What irritates me is that they claim she is a bad example to youngsters and can therefore no longer be used as the ‘face’ of their product. Since when was a rake-thin, single mother who dates a junkie rock star considered a good role model? Surely she wasn’t very appropriate in the first place. But that’s just it. They know she sells products so they only activate the morality clause when something is so out in the open that they can’t hide it from the customers, more importantly, the media. Are we really to believe that none of the fashion labels, many after years of working with Miss Moss, had absolutely no idea that she had a habit?

Finally, people are practically shrieking at the thought that Kate’s daughter is surrounded by iniquity and vice and whispers are being made about her fitness as a mother. What? Only now? This is a woman who can hardly be at home that much and a child who probably regards the nanny as her mum. Now if the nanny was wired to the moon, fair dues, get the kid out. But I don’t see what harm there is in a mother who hardly sees her child taking coke. Incidentally, anyone know where the father has been? He only seems to have popped up since the ‘revelations’.

One other thing. The police are now talking about investigating the drug use. What a f*cking joke! They can’t prosecute drug use after the fact. Possession and supply are when you are on shaky ground. They are simply responding to tabloid pressure and feel they need to be seen to be doing something or be thinking about thinking about doing something. Twats! I’m really disappointed that the police have been cowed by the tabloids. Sad world when the tabloids are in charge.

So there you have it. I reckon everyone either knew or expected that Kate was on coke but they were willing to overlook that as long as no-one knew about it. The whole thing has been blown out of proportion and is yet another cynical ploy by the tabloids to sell papers on the back of the destruction of a career. What they all want Kate to do is come out, say she has a problem but that she is dealing with it and the support of friends, family and the public will get her through her ‘Cocaine Nightmare’. I don’t really have any affinity with the woman but I do take my hat off to her for not toeing the line and doing what is expected of her. It’s her life and how dare the tabloids and by extension the public have a say in how she runs it. Are any of us really as pure as the driven snow?

© Winamop. September 2005

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