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Your mouse is wandering aimlessly!

The LCC are coming.


The scene:
A civic function in Mumbleborough town hall.

The time:
About half-past seven.

Dramatis Personae:
Mayor, flunkies various, and two smartly dressed observers, there for the beer:

“I do not intend to stand upon cere.. – **##!!“

“Great Rockington! He’s gone!”

“Ah! It appears that the LCC has struck again..”

“What? The Leicester County Council has caused the Mayor of Mumbleborough to vanish?”

“No, no, no, etc. Not the doleful authority you mention, but the League of Clowns against Cliché. They are once more, so it would appear, at their fell work;
Trap door. Exit. Goodnight Mayor.
You see, the fellow was about not to stand on ceremony: That phase is not only itself a form of ceremony (upon which he was not going to stand) but a thumping great cliché also and as well.”

“So I notice. But look here, this is a form of turrurism and if this carries on George W. Bush and his Marines will arrive in a helicopter gun-ship at any minute!”

“Creative sabotage is le phrase juste, surely? Keep a watch on events and you will observe that a campaign is operating against the expression ‘in terms of’, which proliferates in the language at this degenerate period in our history. That is not only a clock-stopping, beer-stifling cliché, it is usually a total unnecessaritude and if left out of any utterance, would leave the sentence making perfect sense. Indeed, in terms of a cliché it is a.. – **##!! “

“Great Rockington! He’s gone!

The LCC has struck again – which is itself a.. – AAARGH – **##!!”




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