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New poems by Andy Bate.




I cannot see out,
And you cannot see in,
A bed and a light bulb,
All so very dim .

Nobody can see me,
I cannot see them,
All alone in here,
Since god knows when.

Just a door to see,
Opened at feeding time,
Such an unwelcoming place,
I should not have committed my crime.

Wrong place, wrong time,
Lost contact with my wife,
Justice has been served,
But I cannot replace a life.


Andy 19/9/2008

a line


Never again


Last night was great,
But now I feel so very bad,
Don’t know where we went,
God knows how many we had.

My head is banging like a drum,
My throat is sore and dry,
My legs barely hold me up,
Feel like I am about to die.

Can’t face food or the light,
Need to lie down,
Tried to sip some water,
But could not keep it down.

Lipstick on my cheek,
I Don’t know from who,
Can’t seem to remember,
Perhaps my friends do.

I always say no more,
But I’ve only myself to blame,
Never again I always say,
But every Saturday night is the same.


Andy 30/3/2009

a line


The hole in the sky


Have you heard the news,
Heard what the clever ones say,
There’s a hole in the sky,
And it’s getting bigger everyday.

The icecaps are melting fast,
The seas are beginning to rise,
The polar bears are drowning,
The Maldives won’t survive.

There are too many cars on the roads,
A big reliance on fossil fuels,
An evolution of pollution,
The human race are such fools.

All the trees are being felled,
We are getting short of air,
The lungs of the earth will soon stop working,
Nobody seems to really care.

Drought and famine getting worse,
Drinking water harder to find,
We see it all happening,
Yet we all pretend to be blind.

Listen to the clever ones,
Perhaps we have a chance to survive,
A change of culture and lifestyle,
can keep mother earth alive.

Waves and windmills,
Helping to save the day,
Such rare natural resources,
Recycle all our throwaway.

Maybe it’s not to late to learn,
We can start a revolution today,
Then maybe the hole in the sky,
Will disappear like the clever ones say.


Andy 15/4/2009

a line

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